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Our Story

Family-owned quality car rentals you can afford!

About Us

Our owners Bryan and Carolyn


Welcome to Kauai!

Carolyn and Bryan have lived in Hawai'i for a combined 29 years, settling on Kauai 4 years ago, working in the tourism industry since early 2000s.    
In 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic hit our State hard, effectively shutting our island home, Kaua'i, down. Living on Kaua'i has it's definite perks as far as beauty, culture and community go, however, it does make getting things to the island a bit of a challenge, and when our island reopened in 2022, people flocked to Kaua'i, where we as an island scrambled to accommodate the massive volume of visitors, and Drivin' Me Crazy CarZ was born- affordable, reliable, local cars, without the crazy wait times or $300+ daily price tags. Our goal was to help our local community generate income, while allowing visitors to get around, and still have a budget left to enjoy some of our major attractions unique to beautiful Kaua'i. Early 2023, we purchased Kaua'i Rent a Car from Pete, and haven't looked back. Now with 65 cars in our fleet we continue to grow and serve in our community. 

We look forward to working with you!

                                                Carolyn and Bryan

Image by Tyler Clemmensen

Our Company Headquarters

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