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Car Rentals on Kauai
Call Today! Immediate Availability!
(808) 634-8855

Travel like a local with vehicles to suit all your island needs.

Why Book With Us

Affordable Rates

Unlimited Miles

Mechanic Handing Keys

24 Hour Hotline


Get to Know Us

Book Your Trip in 3 Easy Steps


Reserve Your Ride

Please email the following information:

  • Dates and Flight Times (in/out)

  • Number of People

  • Hotel

  • Age (21+)

  • Preferred Vehicle

  • Cell Phone Number


Rental Agreement & Insurance

  • E-Sign your rental agreement. 

  • Skip the added cost with proof of liability insurance. 


Plan your Trip

It is always a good idea to plan ahead for all your activities. Please see our activities page for more helpful information.

Countryside Road
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Plan your Kaua'i Trip

Car Keys

What People Say About Us 

“Carolyn and Bryan are so nice; they made the process so easy. The car was clean and well maintained. Perfect for our Kauai budget vacation. Highly recommended!”

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